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Choosing Your Mattress


When you spend an average of eight hours a night in bed, choosing a new mattress is a big decision not to be rushed. Make sure that you and your partner both come to make your selection and don't hesitate to try out the mattresses in the showroom. Lie in the sleeping position you feel most comfortable in, and relax!

Our experienced sales staff will assist you in making your decision and in choosing the right Dreamwool mattress to suit your needs.

Dreamwool offers a range of spring types to suit your requirements. This is a major difference when comparing our Pocketspring beds to others. We change the guage of wire in our spring systems to give different support (with you lying in the mattress more or on top of it) and leave the comfort layers the same. Meaning you can feel every mattress is different. 

The Secret Of Latex and Wool

Where other manufacturers use synthetic foam, we use only natural latex in our mattresses. Whilst offering all the support you need, the natural elasticity and softness of latex combined with our spring systems prevents pressure on hips and shoulders, and allows free circulation. Like wool, latex is naturally antibacterial with no harmful vapours.

This combination of the wool and latex keeps you cooler as the wool creates a buffer between you and the mattress. Air circulates around the wool, the air contains moisture vapour coming off the body as the average person loses around half a litre of moisture per night.

The wool fibre is a marvel of nature, no man made fibre has ever come close to its complex efficiency. It's remarkable structure of overlapping scales covering its core allows moisture vapour to penetrate it, while at the same time, repelling liquid moisture. Being absorbent allows moisture to readily evaporate. The wool fibres are coiled and springy, trapping millions of tiny air pockets that create wool's thermal insulation. 

You will sleep in better comfort as the wool wraps you in a 'natural comfort zone' by absorbing moisture and regulating temperature. You have a more restful sleep if you're not disturbed by the climatic fluctuations in temperature and humidity that occur during the night, as it gets hotter and colder at different times. Wool effectively creates a mini microclimate for you. Dreamwool uses a lot more wool in its mattresses making this experience of sleeping with wool even better giving you the best in quality sleep.